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Comfortable – Large Main Compartment

The large main compartment will make your pet always feel comfortable. It comes with a bottom pad which is removable and washable for easy cleaning.

Breathble – Fully Ventilated Sides

This backpack adopts a three-sided ventilation mesh setting, which not only ensures the circulation of air in the backpack, but also allows the pet to clearly observe the surrounding environment making your pet more comfortable and less anxious.

Lightweight – Portable & Easy to Store

Carry is lightweight and foldable. Easy to set up and fold down flat for storage.

Extra Pockets – Functional & Convenient

This backpack comes with pockets on both sides and on the fornt, which allows you to fill in plenty of pets food, toys, and accessories.

9 reviews for Pets Proof Carry – Pets Backpack Carrier

    May 18, 2022
    I am used to walking my cat. But last time we saw a big dog on the sidewalk (normal, doggos walk too) and my cat TOOK OFF TOWARDS THE DOG. She is too friendly for her own good. And while the dog was too shocked and friendly to be bothered because there was a tiny speedball running towards her, I realized I could not just walk her around my building like that anymore. So.... The bag is helpful. We go to the farmers market, she's comfy, the bottom allows her to make biscuits and be happy and I don't have to stress about the nearby doggos. I still walk her, where it's definitely safe.
    pets proof carry pets backpack carrier
    May 5, 2022
    I take my cat for a walk in this daily and have used it for over a month. My cat is super chill and easy going and took to this instantly. He loves going for walks in it. After each walk I check the seams to make sure the bag is still in good condition as I am worried that if it ripped during a walk we would be in big trouble. So far the bag has held up very well. My cat is small and slim but heavy at 10lbs and he fits perfectly. He likes to either sit up right or curls up in a little loaf while he relaxes and enjoys his ride. Breathability on this bag also gets a 5 stars as the mesh is the entire bag unlike other brands that are plastic and trap heat. I am very happy happy with it and recommend it to everyone who asks.
    April 25, 2022
    My cat loves to use this and go outside. She's big, and she can turn around in it if she wants to.
    March 28, 2022
    Large size, cat loves it :) He crawls in just to sleep!
    March 16, 2022
    Our cat really enjoys her time in her backpack. It has a comfy padding on the bottom and plenty of ventilation. I reccomend it
    March 14, 2022
    Instead of wearing the carrier on my back, I decided to wear it in front. While walking around the neighborhood, my cat can look up and see my face, and that comforts her. The backpack is everything I expected. It's comfortable, sturdy, and allows my 11lb cat to stand or sit. I plan to use it for Vet visits and will purchase another for my son's cat.
    pets proof carry pets backpack carrier
    March 6, 2022
    Purchased this carrier because we are moving cross country and wanted to take our cat into stores, gas stations and restaurants with us. It's his first time traveling and we wanted him to know we weren't abandoning him anywhere. We put him in it regularly to get him use to the trip and love it because it can be worn in front as well and he sees what we see and can have eye contact with us. I've taken him into stores and my daughter to the park and around the pond and he does great! Better than his other carries he's had. It is very durable and we love the ventilated feature. The shoulder straps are very padded. Others we were looking at had hard plastic with holes at the bottom and I could only image that would be hot and uncomfortable for him. The 2 side pockets come in handy for treats.
    February 8, 2022
    I do not know what I would do without this backpack. I am able to take my Morkie puppy everywhere with me. He loves it and I love it. I get compliments on this wherever I go. It is comfortable and I love that my 10-month-old puppy who weighs almost 7 lbs, can get up, move around, lay down, and have a couple of small toys to play with. It is so much better than a bag that I used to carry him in, he is not all cramped up, it is mesh so he does not get too hot, it is perfect! Thank you for making this product!
    February 1, 2022
    Our cat loves it. I just took her for a walk in it. When we came home I set it down and opened it for her to come out, but she is just in there chilling. I think she really likes the cozy soft floor in there. Also it is well designed. My back didn’t hurt, and my shoulders didn’t feel strained. So it’s great for both cat and human.

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